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Residart, la prima rete di residenze d'artisti lanciata nelle Marche.
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If you forget tomorrow what you heard yesterday, there's really not much point in you having been there – or me, for that matter. Now, isn't that the purpose of education too? That's when I realised that education and culture are the same. Once something is memorable, it's living and you’re using it. That to me is the foundation of a creative society.

Yo Yo Ma, interview to the Financial Times

Residart (Residencies for Artists) is the first Non-Profit Organisation in the Italian Le Marche Region hosting artists and organising, in the process, cultural events.
It was launched on 28 June 2012. It became a NPO on 17 November 2013.  

- This Cultural Association brings to the region artistic and cultural events of the highest international standards.  
- Through a Public-Private Partnership between the Residart’s members, private sponsors and local Municipalities a virtuous circle of personal involvement and cultural standards is set off.  
- Establishing a breeding ground of interaction between artists and hosting families, of artists’ immersion in local ways of life, landscapes and cultural assets; Art enters the daily life of the public and Culture becomes a learning process.

Private individuals who support culture and its closer contact with their own life by hosting artists, offering their time, homes, transport facilities, culinary skills and more.   Within the first operating year, Residart has coalesced around its project more than 30 families.

The network of hosting families and events stretches from Ancona to Jesi encompassing medieval municipalities such as Camerata Picena, Agugliano, Maiolati Spontini, Osimo, Polverigi, Chiaravalle. ..

Residart organises either directly or in cooperation with specific cultural organisations artistic and cultural events, with a particular attention to classic music, notably high level performances and training of violin players. As a sponsor, Residart makes available to other cultural organisations and institutions its high-standard accommodations’ facilities.

Residart Loc. Cassero
60020 Camerata Picena
Ancona - Italia
+39 334 31 48 289
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